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ITypeProvider.GetInvokerExpression signature mismatch


I am trying to build the HelloWorldWordTypeProvider in Visual 2012.

But I get an error at line 1058 of the file shared/ProvidedTypes-0.1.fs :
interface ITypeProvider with
override this.GetInvokerExpression(methodBase:MethodBase,parameters:ParameterExpression[]) = 
Error message : The type 'Quotation.Expr' does not match the type 'ParamterExpression' .

From the documentation on ITypeProvider :

abstract this.GetInvokerExpression : MethodBase * ParameterExpression [] -> Expression

In my VS, the version of FSharp.Core is, and the signature of GetInvolerExpression is :
GetInvokerExpression(System.Reflection.MethodBase syntheticMethodBase, Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations.FSharpExpr[ ] parameters)

Am I using a wrong version of FSharp.Core ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance !



Shing wrote Mar 1, 2014 at 9:28 PM

Instead of using the files in folder shared, I used the files in Nuget package FSharp.TypeProvders.StarterPack.

The error disappeared.