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Partial patterns

Active patterns
Description: Need to partition only part of the input space. In that case, you write a set of partial patterns each of which match some inputs but fail to match other inputs. Active patterns that do not always produce a value are called partial active patterns; they have a return value that is an option type. To define a partial active pattern, you use a wildcard character (_) at the end of the list of patterns inside the banana clips. The following code illustrates the use of a partial active pattern.
let ActivePatternSample1() = 
let (|Integer|_|) (str: string) =
let mutable intvalue = 0
if System.Int32.TryParse(str, &intvalue) then Some(intvalue)
else None
let (|Float|_|) (str: string) =
let mutable floatvalue = 0.0
if System.Double.TryParse(str, &floatvalue) then Some(floatvalue)
else None
let parseNumeric str =
match str with
| Integer i -> printfn "%d : Integer" i
| Float f -> printfn "%f : Floating point" f
| _ -> printfn "%s : Not matched." str
parseNumeric "1.1"
parseNumeric "0"
parseNumeric "0.0"
parseNumeric "10"
parseNumeric "Something else"

Execution Result:
1.100000 : Floating point
0 : Integer
0.000000 : Floating point
10 : Integer
Something else : Not matched.

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