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DBML Provider

Description: Use DBML provider for FSharpSample database. You can download the SQL server 2008 Express version for free. Please refer to CreateFSharpSampleDatabase.sql or run Setup project to configure your database.

type T1 = Microsoft.FSharp.Data.TypeProviders.DbmlFile< @".\Support.DataClasses.dbml" >
let typeDBMLProvider() =
let db = new T1.DataClasses1DataContext("Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=FSharpSample;User ID=sa;Password=FSharpSample1234")
let q = query {
for n in db.Students do
select n.Name }
q |> Seq.iter (fun n -> printfn "student name = %s" n)

Execution Result:
student name = Lisa
student name = Brent
student name = Anita
student name = Ken
student name = Cathy
student name = Tom
student name = Zeoy
student name = Mark
student name = John

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