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Chain of responsibility pattern

Design patterns
Description: Chain of responsibility pattern implementation shows how a request can go through different function (responsibility) by using pipeline. For more information, please go to
let ChainOfResponsibility2() = 
let chainTemplate processFunction canContinue s =
if canContinue s then processFunction s
else s

let canContinueF _ = true
let processF x = x + 1

let chainFunction = chainTemplate processF canContinueF //combine two functions to get a chainFunction
let s = 1 |> chainFunction |> chainFunction
printfn "%A" s

Execution Result:

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MusaJ May 7, 2015 at 8:50 PM 
why not simplify the example to, 3 lines or 2 only? as:

let processF x = x + 1
let s= 1 |> processF |> processF